Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Of all the people currently living in London, 25% were born abroad.

"SUITE" Deals Throughout 2010

Whether you are seeking an all-inclusive vacation or planning a family reunion, several family-friendly deals will take the pinch out of your pocketbooks. Some "suite" deals are... Families can take advantage of an All Inclusive Family Package at Divi Aruba All Inclusive and Tamarjin Aruba All Inclusive with both resorts located on Aruba's Druif Beach. When sharing a room with two paying adults, the package allows two children up to 18 to stay, play and eat for free. All-inclusive amenities at both resorts include all meals and snacks; unlimited beverages; nightly entertainment; and access to non-motorized watersports, bicycle rentals and a 30-foot outdoor rock-climbing wall and fitness center.

The Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are making it easier for you to plan a family reunion. For example, the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda, you will receive a welcome reception and a one-hour session with a professional photographer as part of Reunion package.

The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii the big island is offering a Multi-Generational Package that includes five guestrooms at the full published or package rate, as well as an upgrade to a suite for the fifth room, providing that all family members can stick together during their stay.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Did you know that Africa is 28% wilderness, and North America is 38% wilderness.

Security Tips for Travelers

We at Unique Travel Concepts care about our clientele and provide the following reminders for your next trip.

1. Scan important travel documents and store them in your e-mail account - This allows you to easily access your passport, passport photos, visa, airline tickets, itinerary, etc., securely via e-mail.

2. Pack only one or two credit cards - Determine which one or two credit cards are accepted worlwide and leave all other credit cards at home. Additionally, call the credit card vendors and let them know which countries you will be going to and also the time frame of your travel.

3. Don't pack your Social Security card or bank checkbook - A Social Security number (SSN) and address are the only information needed to steal your identity and a stolen check is the first step into your banking account. Leave behind any other cards or documents you may routinely carry that contain your SSN.

4. Store valuables in the hotel safe - Valuables include your cash, credit cards and especially, your passport. After all, what could be more valuable than your ability to return home?

5. Avoid free wireless networks - Do not check your financial information, such as online banking activities, from street cafe computers or free wireless networks. There could be malicious software installed, and your account could be exposed to potential theft.

6. Safeguard documents not traveling with you - Leave the following documents in a safe deposit box or in a fireproof safe at home: Social Security card, birth certificate, copy of your passport, checkbook and deposit slips, bills and statements, medical cards, extra credit and ATM/debit cards and any other financial or identifiable documents.

As always, be prepared for your next vacation or business trip by following the security tips provided.

Travel Protection coverage is something to seriously consider as well. It helps provide a peace of mind and depending on the coverage; protects most out of pocket expenses, if cancellation is required. Feel free to give us a call if we can help with your next vacation.


Spanish fisherman nets camera lost on cruise ship two years ago.

Back in October 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory from South Africa were enjoying a cruise on the magnificent Queen Mary 2, making photos of their vessel passing alongside the famous QE2.

When taking their photos, the camera accidentally fell overboard into the Atlantic off the coast of Ireland. Usually, dropping a camera into the ocean means the end of the camera, and the photos stored on it. To the couples amazement, their camera and memory card were returned to them this week after a Spanish fisherman caught it in one of his nets. Apparently, Benito Estevez found the camera, and was able to track down where the photos were taken, contacted the cruise line, and managed to reunite the couple with their photos. Of course, the camera was damaged beyond repair, but the memory card was still in excellent condition, as were the photos stored on it. Peter Shanks, the CEO of Cunard obviously took good advantage of this fantastic event, and had the following to say:

"In all my years in the travel industry I have never heard of such a heart-warming stroke of luck and we at Cunard are delighted that Mr. and Mrs. Gregory have been reunited with their photos. The images are even more poignant as they depict the last transatlantic crossing of the great QE2 and can never be taken again."
This renews my faith in people – I think most people would just throw something away, without a second thought, but to go to this much effort to reunite someone with their photos is a breath of fresh air.

May God bless you Benito for your kindness!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When going to amusement parks, write your cell phone number on your kids arm with a Sharpie.


Many people ask us this and we have decided to answer, " the question."

  1. We have probably been there and done that!!
  2. At worst, we will have sent people there and can give you information.
  3. We will make sure that you understand all the small print.
  4. If "God forbids" happen, you have someone to advise you -WE WILL ALWAYS OFFER YOU INSURANCE WITH YOUR PURCHASE.
  5. Your time is worth money and so is ours. We sometimes charge service fees, but in return you will ALWAYS get service.
  6. Our prices often match, and sometimes even beat, those you find on the Web.
  7. We deal with respected wholesalers who will be there for you if and when you need assistance.
  8. Why guess what to do and see - we can tell you from experience!
  9. We will record your preferences and requests, so that you don't have to tell us every time you book.
  10. We know what we are doing and we've been doing it for a long time.