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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sailing Stones of Death Valley

The sailing stones, also known as sliding rocks and moving rocks, are a geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. They have been recorded and studied in a number of places around Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, where the number and length of travel grooves are notable. The force behind their movement is not understood and is the subject of research.
Racetrack stones only move every two or three years and most tracks develop over three or four years. Stones with rough bottoms leave straight striated tracks while those with smooth bottoms wander. Stones sometimes turn over, exposing another edge to the ground and leaving a different track in the stone's wake.
Sliding rock trails fluctuate in direction and length. Some rocks which start next to each other start out traveling parallel, but one may abruptly change direction to the left, right, or even back the direction it came from. Length also varies because two similarly sized and shaped rocks could travel uniformly, then one could burst ahead or stop dead in its track.
The stones are rarely transported and no one has witnessed their movement, so the speeds at which the rocks travel are unknown.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls illuminates the powerful falls in a rainbow of colors in a ceremony that begins every evening at dusk, from early November through the end of February. The tradition dates back to 1860, when the falls were first lit to celebrate a visit by the Prince of Wales. The skies above the falls also light up with a weekly fireworks show in December.

The Philippines

Spectacular light displays are a hallmark of the holiday season in many locations around the globe. Amusement parks, gardens, piazzas and plazas all glow under the flicker of thousands of lights. For shoppers in the world’s top cities, window displays are another herald of the holidays, as children and adults alike press their noses against the windowpane to view animated figures and wintry scenes.

Christmas in the Philippines is symbolized by "parols," or star lanterns. The city of San Fernando, north of Manila, hosts a Giant Lantern Festival featuring parols 18 to 20 feet in diameter, each containing 3,500 to 5,000 lights. The festival is so popular that it has earned the city the nickname "Christmas Capital of the Philippines."
informaiton from bing.http://www.bing.com/travel/content/search?q=Sparkling+Holiday+Displays+Worldwide%3a+The+Philippines&cid=msntab1116032&FORM=TRVCON

Friday, November 19, 2010

Travel Blogs

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Aruba Vacations

 "The Trip was amazing. We had such a great time."
 "The food was amazing, the drinking keep flowing and we lived it up on a white sandy beach. The best thing we love about the RIU is that they are all the same no matter where you go for example, we went to a RIU in Jamaica and it was just as fabulous as the one in ARUBA. It had a great gym, amazing pool, fabulous beaches, and the staff was wonderful!!! WE are a FAN of the RIU IN ARUBA!!!"
 "We look forward to booking a future trip next year. "
 "Thank you so much for helping us make this trip a memory, one that will last forever."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

December in Kauai!

December 2nd-5th, 2010 for 2 from $1,925.00     Airfare Included!
Sheraton Kauai Resort, Garden view Room, Mid-size Car Rental, plus, complimentary welcome basket, breakfast in bed and tropical mimosa

December 9th-12th, 2010 for 2 from $1,598.00     Airfare Included!
Aston Islander on the Beach, Oceanfront Room, Mid-size Car Rental!

December 16th-19th, 2010 for 2 from $1,705.00     Airfare Included!
Aston Islander on the Beach, Oceanfront Room, Mid-size Car Rental!

December 23rd-26th, 2010 for 2 from $2,346.50     Airfare Included!
Aston Islander on the Beach, Oceanfront Room, Economy Car Rental!

*all prices are subject to change until ticketed and hotel rooms are not guaranteed until ticketed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Private Driving Tour of Ireland. (The Shamrock Road)

 Day 1-Dublin, Waterford
"Leave Dublin in the morning for the beautiful Glendalough, Ireland's most important early monastery community. Founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century, there is a haunting sense of timelessness in this valley. Continue through the peaceful Irish countryside to your destination, nature and set on 300 enchanting acres.
Lodging:Waterford Castle"
 Day 2-Kenmare
"The next morning's drive takes you to Tipperary, over scenic country roads, before reaching Fermony and Cork. Then it's on to Blarney Castle and its famous "Stone."Continue via Glengarriff to Kenmare. Here you will be welcomed to Sheen Falls Lodge, a magical, timeless haven of peace, located at the foot of heather-covered hills overlooking the cascading Sheen River.
Lodging: Sheen Falls Lodge"
 Day 3-Kenmare
"Pack up a picnic lunch and head off for a full day around the fabled Ring of Kerry. Here the warm air of the Gulf Stream gives this unique area a different feel as you meander along the coast past ancient, moss-covered abbeys and church ruins. Return to the Lodge via Kellarney, where you can relax after a long day in a cozy lounge in front of a blazing log fire.
Lodging:Sheen Falls Lodge"
 Day 4-County Clare
"Continue along the back roads via Tralee to Limerick. similar to other Irish seaports, Limerick was settled in the ninth century by Vikings who came to plunder, but liked the neighborhood and settled down to trade. Limerick has a rich and important history with plenty to see. You remain the evening horse-breeding country and the majestic Dromoland Castle for a royal experience you will never forget!
Lodging:Dromoland Castle"
 Day 5-Connemara
"Breathe in the brisk morning air as you set out for the dramatic Cliffs of Moher: a five-mile, unbroken, giant will, rising 700 feet above the Atlantic surf. Continue deep into rural Cnnemara, soon you come to a mid-19th century house set in a 50-acre, award-winning garden of flowering shrubs and woodland walks. Here luxury and tranquility are offered in a cozy atmosphere as you relax before a homey peat fire.
Lodging:Cashel House"
Day 6-Connemara
:It's a lazy day for exploring a spectacular marine setting between Logh Corrib and the Atlantic Ocean. Hidden coves and little islands dot the coastline, perfect for wandering and discovering. Neat, whitewashed cottages, amid tiny rock-strewn fields with blue turf smoke rise skyward. It's a way of life to be seen an treasured in your memory for years to come. Drift back to your Irish hideaway for a beautiful evening.
Lodging: Cashel House"
Day 7-Dublin or Shannon
"You final day's route offers you a choice of traveling back to Dublin or ending the Shamrock Road in Shannon, Either way, you have completed your adventure through a unique land combining antiquity, charming villages, beautiful rugged landscapes and a people full of wit and kindness."

"It was like or chauffeur knew everyone in the country. At every town, at every pub, someone recognized him and treated us like we were his friends!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brazil Vacation (with optional Peru beginning)

 Day 1-Departure City
Board your flight to South America
Day 2-Arrive in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Welcome to Rio. Your Rooms are ready for immediate check-in
 Day 3-Rio De Janeiro
An included city tour takes you to bustling downtown Rio. View the Sambodromo and the Cathedral before visiting Sugar Loaf Mountain.
Day 4-Rio De Janeiro
Perhaps take a Guanabara Bay cruise.
 Day 5-Rio De Janeiro and Iguassu Falls
A flight takes you to Iguassu Falls. Spend the afternoon enjoying the magnificent panorama water falls from he Brazilian side on a guided tour.
 Day 6-Iguassu Falls
Today on the Argentine side of the Falls, ride the Ecological Jungle Train and enjoy a walking tour of this side of the Falls.
 Day 7-Iguassu Falls and Manaus
Fly to Manaus, gateway to Brazil's Amazon. Guided sightseeing shows you the opulent sites from Manaus' rubber boom, like Sao Sebastiao Square, Palacio Rio Negro, and the Opera House.
 Day 8-Manaus (Embarkation)
Embark your cruise ship, the Iberostar Grand Amazon. Stops will be made along the Amazon's Rio Solimoes, offering excursions to explore the Amazon jungle and local vegetation, see indigenous animals, and even visit local river communities. This evening, enjoy a Captain's welcome cocktail party before dinner.
 Day 9-Cruising:Rainforest Walk & Piranha Fishing
This morning, a Naturalist-guided walk through the rainforest teaches how natives subsist off the flora. You will also hear about some of the medicinal qualities each plant possesses. Keep an eye open for capuchin and howler monkeys! After an informational lecture on the region, head back out via panga and try your hand at piranha fishing. Tonight, cruise the waterways on a caiman-spotting expedition.
 Day 10-Cruising:Bird Watching & Local Home
Enjoy the sunrise over the Amazon on a bird-watching safari in search of the many endemic birds of the Janauaca Lake region. Later, visit a local home for an up-close view of how the native communities live and work. This afternoon, cruise the Amazon tributaries looking for wildlife. Your final evening on board begins with a gala dinner followed by a Brazilian Folkloric Show.
Day 11-Meeting of the Waters and Manaus
Cruise the Meeting of the Waters, where the chocolate-colored Rio Negro meets with the yellow-gray Rio Solimoes to from the mighty Amazon. For four miles the differently colored bodies of water flow side-by-side and never mix! Disembark in Manaus and transfer to the airport for your homebound flight.
 Optional Peru beginning
Day 1-board your flight to Lima
Day 2-arrive in Lima. Your included city tour focuses on Lima's rich colonial history.
Day 3-Lima-Cuzco. Fly to Cuzco, and enjoy a guided city tour before visiting Kenko and Puca Pucara.
Day 4-Cuzco. In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, learn about the importance of the alpaca(llama) at Awanakancha. Visit Pisac and Ollantaytambo.
Day 5-Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Board a train for Machu Picchu and enjoy a guided tour.
Day 6-Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Morning at leisure in Machu Picchu allows you to see the sunrise over Machu Picchu. Return to Cuzco.
Day 7-Cuzco to Lima. Fly to Lima.
Day 8-Lima to Rio De Janeiro. Fly to Rio.

Prices as low as $2,700.00 per person.
With Peru beginning as low as $4,100 per person
**all prices are subject to change and availability.
CST 2006820-10

Friday, November 12, 2010

United States Vacations Made Simple!

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"Known as the Silver State, Nevada's greatest draw by far is its casinos, offering a wide variety of gaming, show-stopping entertainment and not-to-be rivaled nightlife. This most arid U.S. state offers cool, dry winters and a little annual rainfall. Looking to get marries? You have come to the right place with a wide array of wedding chapels, from the elegant to the intimate to the outlandish, to suit every happy couple."


"Its diversity allows one to explore golden opportunities at every turn. When else can you take a jog on powered sand beaches in the morning, go "star" gazing in broad daylight or hike through majestic mountain ranges? The state boasts both the highest and lowest points in the continental U.S., yet most of its vast area enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate that is nearly idyllic year round, with mild winters and dry summers. One visit and you'll know why California is called the Golden State."


"There's no mistaking why this is called the Sunshine State. Its subtropical and tropical climate offers plenty of warm days year-round, perfect for exploring the many attractions o one of America's favorite playgrounds. Enjoy hundreds of miles of white-sand beaches, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and a generous share of world-famous amusement parks enticing kids of all ages to come play."


"Explore this land of beautiful contrasts: tranquil hideaways and cosmopolitan night life, relaxing world-class spas and challenging championship golf, sophisticated art galleries and rugged hiking trails, vast planes and towering cliffs. Arizona offers all of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world; a vacation in Arizona is as vibrant and inspiring as a purple sunset against its red-rock mountains."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sightseeing In Australia

"Kuranda Koala Gardens is Kuranda's newest wildlife attraction! Situated in the heart of Kuranda, this attraction gives you the opportunity to see some of Australia's most unique wildlife up close. There is a variety of wildlife for you to see including koalas, freshwater crocodiles, kangaroos and wallabies, wombats, snakes, lizards and other reptiles."
$17.00 per person
*prices are subject to change
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Tree Hotel (Sweden)

Treehotel is located in the beautiful village of Harads, approximately 60 km south of the Arctic Circle, and one hour drive from LuleƄ, which has the largest airport in northern Sweden. Harads is a place that surrounded by forest and water and by stillness and wilderness. Here lives 600 inhabitants. We have restaurants, stores, hostel, gas station, swimming facilities, view point Klippan and a beautiful church.
Harads is located in Norrbotten in north of Sweden. Just by the valley of Lule River, approx 80 km from LuleƄ airport and 47 km upstream from Boden. It is a place that is dominated by forests and water, the serenity and wilderness. The village population are just over 600 people.

 (above) the Blue Cone
 (above) the Bird's Nest
 (above) the Cabin
 (above) the UFO
 (above) the Mirrorcube
 (above) the Tree Sauna
(above) A Room With a View

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aussie Word of the Day

dumper-the bane of all surfers, a dumper is a large wave that tosses you around like a piece of driftwood instead of carrying you in to shore.

100th Post!

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Disney's DREAM

"Make memories you'll share forever with exclusive Disney entertainment in spaces that everyone can enjoy together!"
"Sail away on oceans of imagination and live stories of real Disney magic-from private lessons with Captain Hook to dancing with Disney Princesses. Kids can even talk and interact in real time with animated Characters like Crush and Stitch in the new Disney's Oceaneer Club and Disney's Oceaneer Lab."
Tweens and Teens
"Tweens from 11 to 13 take control of the forward funnel in a private club called Edge, complete with video games, cool music, and all kinds of supervised special activities.
Everyone from 14 to 17 can enjoy the freedom to cruise in dedicated spaces like Vibe, an indoor lounge with plenty of space to relax, plus an outdoor escape that includes its own splashy fun."
"Sail away with a world of new indulgences and brand-new takes on Disney cruise favorites."
Deliciously Different Disney Dining
"On board, you'll enjoy our renowned dining experience-you keep the same servers throughout your cruise and dine in a different restaurant each night."
Exclusive Dining For Adults
Amazing Accommodations
"Designed with families in mind, each stateroom is a relaxing retreat at sea. Clever conveniences like split baths and extra storage space are enhanced by one-of-a-kind Disney innovations-like virtual portholes in inside staterooms that come with animated surprises and amazing views."
Incredible Itineraries
"Disney Dream sails 3-,4-, and 5-night Bahamian Cruises with stops in Nassau and Disney's Castaway Cay."
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Going to the Zoo in Spain

Located in the Casa de Campo, a large parkland on the western edge of Madrid, the Zoo-Aquarium occupies some 20 hectares. As well as the Zoo itself, there is a delphinarium, an aviary and a little farm. The Zoo is divided into geographical areas (Africa, Asia, etc). The Zoo provides route planners so as not to miss anything. There is also a "Mysterious Nature" pavilion which exhibits amphibians, reptiles and so on. The delphinarium is a large installation with a capacity for 3000 people, with dolphin shows at various times during the day. The aviary also holds birds-in-flight exhibitions, where you can get to see birds of prey, parrots and other species close up. The little farm is where children can get to see lambs, rabbits and other such animals up close. All the exhibits are to be found in gardens, which themselves can be considered in their own right to be a botanical garden, as there are over 100 different types of plants all signposted. There are also two self-service restaurants as well as a cafeteria, burger bar and various snack bars.
Only 29.99 per person. *prices are subject to change.

Fall Foliage Vacations

"Thank you, Unique Travel Concepts, for all your hard work!"

Aussie Word of The Day!

Old Man-a fully grown male kangaroo.

Holiday Vacations

 New England's Yuletide Treasures
Day 1:Newport, Rhode Island
Welcome to a festive journey through New England where winter cheer and warm memories are among your souvenirs.
 Day 2:Newport
Travel along breathtaking Ocean Drive en route to famous Bellevue Avenue, an especially beautiful sight during the holiday season. The stately mansions of Bellevue Avenue, once referred to as "summer cottages" and now designated National Historic Landmarks, date back to the mid-1800's an reflect the opulence of America's Gilded Age. Spend your afternoon strolling along famous Thames Street, dotted with galleries and boutiques. Later, visit America's oldest tavern, the White Horse Tavern-constructed in 1673-for a delicious welcome dinner. After dinner, attend a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol performed by a local actor, set before the festive illumination of Newport Harbor. (B, D)
 Day 3:Newport-North Conway, New Hampshire
Leave Newport's seaside beauty behind as you travel to North Conway, New Hampshire-a quintessential New England town that is part of lovely Mount Washington Valley. Enjoy lunch, followed by lively, festive entertainment in a 200-year-old farmhouse that has been converted into a charming timber-framed music hall. Take time ti stroll through the quaint village or visit one of its many outlet stores. An evening of leisure allows you the opportunity to relax, perhaps by the outdoor fire pits with a cup of cocoa. (B, L)
 Day 4:North Conway
The White Mountains paint a tranquil winter scene as you drive through the countryside to a Christmas tree farm. Soak in lovely vistas of 1,400 protected acres over a cup of hot cocoa as you learn about the history of the farm. Continue to the charming village of Sugar Hill for lunch on your own and time to explore. Upon returning to the hotel, join your fellow travelers for a merry experience making gingerbread or decorating cookies. (B)
 Day 5:North Conway-Kittery, Maine-Boston, Massachusetts
Today you travel to Kittery for the opportunity to shop for holiday gifts at one of its numerous outlet stores. With great finds in hand, continue to Boston, Massachusetts. Embark on a guided sightseeing tour that features the Old South Meeting House, the Public Gardens, the Old North Church, Beacon Hill and the U.S.S Constitution. Later, stop at the famed Faneuil Hall marketplace, where colorful kiosks feature the handiwork of New England artisans. Before dinner, visit the top of the Skywalk Observatory for breathtaking360-degree panoramic views of Boston and beyond. After dinner, enjoy an evening drive to the Boston Common where the warm glow of holiday lights welcomes you to Boston's city center. Behold the beautifully-decorated Christmas tree that stands at fifty feet, creating a picture-perfect way to end your day. (B,D)
  Day 6:Boston (B)
Departs November 30, 2010, December 5, 2010, December 6, 2010, December 12, 2010.
$1199.00 per person
**all rates are subject to change and itinerary is subject to change.
Please call for more information or to book!
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