Monday, November 8, 2010

Going to the Zoo in Spain

Located in the Casa de Campo, a large parkland on the western edge of Madrid, the Zoo-Aquarium occupies some 20 hectares. As well as the Zoo itself, there is a delphinarium, an aviary and a little farm. The Zoo is divided into geographical areas (Africa, Asia, etc). The Zoo provides route planners so as not to miss anything. There is also a "Mysterious Nature" pavilion which exhibits amphibians, reptiles and so on. The delphinarium is a large installation with a capacity for 3000 people, with dolphin shows at various times during the day. The aviary also holds birds-in-flight exhibitions, where you can get to see birds of prey, parrots and other species close up. The little farm is where children can get to see lambs, rabbits and other such animals up close. All the exhibits are to be found in gardens, which themselves can be considered in their own right to be a botanical garden, as there are over 100 different types of plants all signposted. There are also two self-service restaurants as well as a cafeteria, burger bar and various snack bars.
Only 29.99 per person. *prices are subject to change.

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