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Monday, December 14, 2009

Craig and Ronda's Wedding and Honeymoon in Scotland and Ireland

We wanted a very special wedding ceremony and honeymoon trip, but we knew that it would require a tremendous amount of planning, organizing, and networking. We chose to have Kelly and her team do everything for us. We are pleased to share that our dream wedding in a Scottish castle and the honeymoon through Scotland and Ireland exceeded our expectations! Every detail was perfect. "If you can dream it, they can plan it!"

Our wedding day at Duns Castle, Duns, Scotland. 9/9/09. Every detail from the bagpiper to the photographer was expertly taken care of by Kelly and her team.
We had the opportunity to experience many Edinburgh pubs. One of our favorites seemed to have been named after Craig!
Our B & B room in Edinburgh was with the wonderful Shanks family. They catered to us and made sure our stay was fabulous. The Royal Bank of Scotland provided an hour long fireworks show over Edinburgh Castle, which we were able to easily view from our bedroom window.

As we traveled through Ireland, we saw so many beautiful sights. One day we stopped the car to take a few photos and we had the chance to observe a sheepdog skillfully herd sheep from one pasture to another. It was at this spot that we chose to take one of our special "feet" photos. Sadly, we have determined that neither of us are very photogenic, and we have the unfortunate skill of always blinking when we take photos. We are proud to show everyone all of our feet photos from around the world because, "Feet Don't Blink!"

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Alice said...

This is an very interesting blog of Honeymoon. These images of Scotland are really gorgeous and awesome. It's a very special day for you. I also want to go to Ireland because there are many beautiful sights and photos.Good Job!!!

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