Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turning Water into...WOW!
Disney's California Adventure debuts its first major nighttime show. Steven Davison who was the creator of the show spent close to four years on the production. To him, it was an opportunity to do something great. It debuts in Spirng, World of Color will make the biggest splash to date in the $1 billion-plus renovation currently under way at the park. World of Color will feature 1,200 fountains, each with its own LED and controls for lighting, color intensity, water angle, and height. Each one can be controlled separately, and all create water strems at least 30 feet high. There are several different kinds of water fountains; mist screens, fan nozzle, whips, dancers, blow pops. All of this is submerged in Paradise Pier lagoon during the day and only come up when its show time. Features movies from Alice in Wonderland and WALL-E.

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