Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Want to Cruise the Nile?

Start with a visit to Abu Simbel. Here is where two of the greatest Temples are seen, The Great Temple of Abu Simbel and The Temple of Hathor. Many tourists can fathom the enormous strength and power it took to build the Temples out of the mountains. Both of those temples sat about 60 meters below what they are today. They were part of a massive UNESCO operation to save Egypt's greatest Temples. Now lets visit Edfu, a well preserved Egyptian Temple. Much newer that some of the other Temples but it helped fill some of Egypt's historical gaps. The sanctuary of Horus contains the granite shrine that once housed the gold cult statue of Horus.

Finally lets visit Luxor. Here and there among the palace halls and gardens and on the facades of 19th century buildings with corbelled balconies there is a glimpse of the past and of a time of British colonials and Egyptian monarchs.

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