Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Traditions (Germany)

The Legend
"A very old Christmas Eve tradition in Germany was to hide a pickle ornament deep in the branches of the family Christmas Tree. The parents hung the pickle last after all the other ornaments were in place. In the morning they knew the most observant child would receive an extra gift from St. Nicholas. The first adult who finds the pickle traditionally gets good luck for the whole year."
How to:
1. Decorate you Christmas Tree with various ornaments and tinsel.
2.Wait till Christmas Eve to place the pickle in the tree. Try to pick a spot that is difficult to see at first glance.
3.Tell you family and friends that the first person to spot the pickle in the Christmas Tree will receive and extra surprise.
4.Continue this tradition year after year.
Experience it
If you would like to take your family to experience this tradition in its birthplace then call us today or visit our website.
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