Friday, July 22, 2011

Bicycle Vacations Top 6 Desinations

Expensive gas isn't the only reason to switch from four wheels to two. Bicycles offer a great way to get to know an urban area.  More urban areas are adding bike lanes, and most have rentals for visitors to hit the trails. Here are our top 6 places to bike:

San Francisco

With 40,000 bicycling commuters and 60 miles of lanes and paths, the ideal way to see the city may be on two wheels. Even the city's BART transit system welcomes cyclists. For an iconic outing, ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Bike Wine Tours in Napa Valley! 

 Portland, Ore.

One of the country's bikiest cities, Portland has an extensive system of interconnected bike lanes and paths that route cyclists through neighborhoods, bypassing highways entirely.  For a true Portland experience, take the Oregon Brewery Trail bike tour, Unique Travel can arrange this Bicycle Tour for you.


The French-speaking city is all about la bicyclette, devoting 2,400 miles to trails and paths. Popular routes include the Lachine Canal and the Island of Montreal.   Call Unique Travel today to book this amazing Bicycle Tour


The wide avenues and monuments of the nation's capital make it perfect for two-wheeled sightseeing. The National Mall and adjacent parks, the tourism heart of the nation's capital, are linked by a grid of bike-friendly service roads and paths. Don't overlook the C&O Canal path, which offers cyclists miles of scenery.



Former mayor and cyclist Richard M. Daley led the charge to make Chicago a bike-friendly metropolis, reports A classic ride links Lake Michigan's lakefront parks, but there are also suburban surprises, like the 32-mile Fox River Trail. Riders can bring their bike aboard Metra trains, allowing them to start in one city and end in another. 


Miles of bike lanes crisscross the old Spanish city. Routes can take you through mountain foothills and cactus-studded Saguaro National Park. One 15-mile trip, along the Rillito River, offers sweeping views of the Santa Catalina Mountains.


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Chris said...

I have a folding bike, which is my favourite way to get around when I'm in a new city - proper bike infrastructure can make all the difference in how enjoyable it actually is though. I'll definitely look into these as possible future destinations.