Monday, March 12, 2012

Unique Travel Concepts Day at San Diego Harbor

Living in San Diego we rarely visit the places of interest.  I decided on Sunday to go down to San Diego Harbor and walk around. 

The Carnival Spirit was leaving for a 5 day cruise to Baja Mexico, I actually had clients on this ship.  Passengers waving with smiles and those on shore wishing them a wonderful Bon Voyage as the ship pulled out of the dock. 

There has been so much news about the Sailor kissing a Nurse Statue called "Unconditional Surrender"at the Harbor I decided to go over and check it out.  Life magazine made the picture famous right after World War II.  This statue has been on loan to San Diego. With San Diego County having the largest concentration of Military personnel than any other US port, many say the statue should stay!  The Union Tribune wrote a story about it:
The statue named "Unconditional Surrender" was scheduled to be taken down at the end of February.

The statue by J. Seward Johnson depicts a famed 1945 Life magazine photo taken in Times Square in New York when the end of World War II was announced.
City News Service says the statue was first loaned to the port in 2007 for a one-year term. It had been extended several times and was due to expire at the end of the month
As supporters of the "Unconditional Surrender" statue await word on whether it will get a reprieve, the USS Midway Museum has stepped forward to help make it a permanent fixture on the waterfront.

The 25-foot statue of a World War II couple locked in an embrace is on loan to the San Diego Unified Port District, it now is extended until May.
This will allow time to raise nearly a million dollars to permanently preserve the statue in bronze to stay in San Diego harbor.  
Scott McGaugh, spokesman for the Midway, said Friday that the museum contacted local architect Donald Reeves, who originally pushed to bring the statue to San Diego, to help with fundraising over the next 90 days.
"The Midway is interested in helping Don and the community of San Diego to save the 'Kiss,'" McGaugh said. "We've seen firsthand how it's become a real icon and landmark."
The Associated Press

The 25 foot statue is impressive and stands right next to the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.... 

Touring the Midway Aircraft Museum is truly amazing if you are visiting or live here make it down and step back in history.  Here is the picture of the famed ship:

Right Next to the Statue is a "Thanks for the Memories" tribute to Bob Hope here are some pictures

You can hear some of the stand up jokes he used to entertain the troops....

If you live in San Diego make it down and enjoy our city, if you don't live here call us and we can put a truly amazing trip together for you...


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