Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Reasons why you should use a Travel Agent!

Many people ask us this and we have decided to answer, " the question."

  1. We have probably been there and done that!!
  2. At worst, we will have sent people there and can give you information.
  3. We will make sure that you understand all the small print.
  4. If "God forbids" happen, you have someone to advise you -WE WILL ALWAYS OFFER YOU INSURANCE WITH YOUR PURCHASE.
  5. Your time is worth money and so is ours. We sometimes charge service fees, but in return you will ALWAYS get service.
  6. Our prices often match, and sometimes even beat, those you find on the Web.
  7. We deal with respected wholesalers who will be there for you if and when you need assistance.
  8. Why guess what to do and see - we can tell you from experience!
  9. We will record your preferences and requests, so that you don't have to tell us every time you book.
  10. We know what we are doing and we've been doing it for a long time.

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