Friday, January 7, 2011

Titanic Museums and Exhibits

"In Branson, Mo., and Pigeon Forge, Tenn., you’ll find sister exhibits called Titanic — World’s Largest Museum Attraction, where you’ll find a wealth of interactive experiences that may almost make you feel like you’re on the ship. Visitors can walk the grand staircase, built to the original architect’s specifications; send an SOS; climb aboard lifeboats; shovel coal into a furnace; listen to the captain’s commands on the bridge; and feel the pitch of the deck as it tilts to the steep angles the Titanic experienced before sinking."-Amy Swanson
"At Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, guests can see a wide array of objects and personal items recovered from the wreck of the Titanic as they move through a chronological display of the ship’s construction, voyage, sinking and rediscovery.
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is a permanent attraction at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas."-Swanson
"Longing to see the real thing? You can — even though the Titanic is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. For a select and well-funded few, The Great Canadian Adventure Co. offers an expedition to the Titanic itself. Participants sail from Newfoundland aboard a Russian research ship before descending more than two miles underwater in high-tech submersible vehicles to the wreck site, getting a view of the Titanic seen by few other than scientists."-Swanson
"Remote and hauntingly beautiful, Cape Race, in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, was the closest point of land when the Titanic sank, and the cable station here broadcast the doomed ship’s SOS to the world. The original cable station is gone, but tourists can visit a replica, along with the lovely 1907 lighthouse."-Swanson
"Next to the Washington Channel in Washington, D.C., is a tall granite sculpture. This sculpture is the Titanic Memorial, erected in 1931 by the Women’s Titanic Memorial Association. The inscription at the base dedicates the memorial "to the brave men who perished … that women and children might be saved."-Swanson
"German theater company Theater Titanick takes its productions outside — a good thing when its signature performance is an "apocalyptic theatrical inferno," as the company says on its website. The "Titanic" show is a live-action, avant-garde interpretation of the sinking, involving thousands of gallons of water and impressive pyrotechnics. The performance can be seen in Germany and at selected tour sites."-Swanson
"If you’re in Orlando, a must-see is Titanic — the Experience, an interactive museum that features full-scale replicas of many areas of the ship, such as a first-class suite, the grand staircase, a promenade deck, the wireless room, the bridge and the boiler area. The facility also hosts regular four-course dinners that re-create a dinner party held on the Titanic to honor the ship’s captain, Edward John Smith."

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