Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Economical Excursions

Friendly Excursions Inc. has offered quality tours for over 35 years. They are one of the leading travel companies in trips and tours. They continue to be successful in fully escorted tours, in planned tour packages and specialized itineraries. Their Company Motto is: “Quality Travel Programs at Economical Prices”.

2011 Departures

Arizona Gem Tour                                                                              January 12th -13th

Monterey & Lake Tahoe (Departs SO CAL)                                     May 9th-13th

Frog Jumping Jubilee & Gold Country (Departs SO CAL)                  May 17th-20th

Frog Jumping Jubilee & Gold Country (Departs SO CAL)                  May 17th-20th

Yosemite (Departs SO CAL)                                                              June 15th-17th

Yosemite (Departs NO CAL)                                                             June 15th-17th

Forests and Shorelines of California and Oregon (Departs SO CAL)   August 19th-26th

San Diego Tour (Departs NO CAL)                                                   September 13th-18th

California Mission Tour (Departs SO CAL)                                        September 27th-30th

Sedona & Grand Canyon National Park (Departs SO CAL)               October 3rd-7th

Sedona & Grand Canyon National Park (Departs NO CAL)              October 3rd-7th

Venetian Passage Cruise (From Venice to Ft. Lauderdale)                  October 27th-November 13th
Holiday Celebration in Branson (Branson, MO)                                  November 10th-15th

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