Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cruising to...Nowhere

Did you ever think that you could take a cruise and really not go anywhere? Well there is such a thing and most cruise companies call it "cruises to nowhere". Carnival's "Glory" and "Miracle" cruise 2 and 3 day itineraries that embark from New York and Norfolk. These cruises may go "nowhere" but the fun is still never ending!
Carnival's "Glory" and "Miracle" offer Interior Staterooms, Oceanview Staterooms, Balcony Staterooms, and Suites.
Large on deck pools, along with twister waterslides and whirlpools, exquisite dining choices, luxury spas, casinos, and a youth program should entertain cruisers of all ages.
Why not leave a couple days earlier and enjoy New York City for all it is or why not leave a couple days later, the choice is yours! Ask about pre or post cruise itineraries.

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