Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tea Time: Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as the Way of the Tea, is a deep cultural tradition that is still practiced today. Tea was first introduced to Japan in the 9th century by a Buddhist Monk who had returned from China. Tea quickly became a part of every Japanese home.
Tea Ceremony starting at $302.00 (for two adults).
A four hour tour that begins at Gion Yoshiima Ryokan (Japanese style inn) where you can enjoy the tea ceremony and dinner. The Tea Master will serve the tea and sweets to each guest in traditional manners followed by a Zen-style Tempura dinner. This will consist of deep-fried seasonal vegetables, served with soy beans and steamed rice. After dinner, you will walk to Gion Corner through the Gion area. Well-preserved old houses will remind you of the ancient days in Kyoto. You may well have a chance to see a pretty maiko girl there. The last attraction before going back to your accommodation will be a visit to the Gion Corner show. You can see a delightful pageant featuring seven of the Japanese traditional arts. (koto music, flower arrangements, tea ceremony, court music dance, ancient comic play, Kyoto-style Japanese dance and a puppet drama.)
Call today for current pricing and availability. Kyoto could be your next vacation spot!
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